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to the Massachusetts QRP Convention (Masscon) home page. Masscon 2010 brought the best and brightest in the QRP community to present the latest in this exciting aspect of amateur radio. The conference was held March 12-13, 2010 at the Westford Regency Inn and Conference Center.

This event has happened.

camera_fancyRobert Schmeichel, N1RXV, did a great job capturing the excitement of the event in pictures. See them here.
cdThe Massachusetts QRP Convention presented attendees with a CD filled with great stuff. Click the CD image on the left to go to the web site to download this CD image. Click on the link whole directory to get the image. The See It! Hear it! page has more details on how to get this great stuff.
micDave Bushong, KZ1O, of 99 Hobbies captured the audio from the event and has been releasing the presentations as downloadable podcasts. He has been adding one polished podcast per week since the event. Visit the 99 Hobbies podcast home page to relive the experience, or catch up if you missed it! Additional materials, including the slides from the presentations, are usually linked to the audio so you can follow along. (Or, just download the whole CD image that was given to attendees that contains the presentation slides, other podcasts, and many other extras. Get that here.) Many thanks, Dave!

Buddipole-logo-01Buddipole, Inc. was a Premier Sponsor for this event.
full-175 PART was a Premier sponsor and host for this event.

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