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Welcome to the Massachusetts QRP Conference (Masscon), the first ever QRP convention in Massachusetts. The purpose of the event was to educate, entertain, and to dare participants to grow, try new things, and expand their knowledge and abilities within the hobby. To do this, we attracted some of the brightest minds in QRP world, including three members of the QRP ARCI QRP Hall of Fame, to present on a variety of topics such as RF design, filter design, and contesting.

It isn't enough to listen, though, and hence the theme of this event was Do it! Never tried portable operations QRP? Do it! Never tried to build a kit or dare to design and build your own gizmo with ugly construction techniques? Do it! Attendees learned new things, got a CD full of great stuff, and now have memories to last a lifetime.

It was our pleasure to put on this show!

de the Organizers and Staff of Masscon

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