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Speaker Profiles
DSC00021Allison Parent, KB1GMX
QRP other bands, other modes, and large antennas
Allison has built radios, test gear, and other electronic hardware since she was a youngster.  She obtained a commercial license in the early 70's and became a radio technician in the days where land mobile technology used both solid state components and vacuum tubes. Professional work has included MW marine, and broadcast through microwave, a path that has led to a love of all things VHF and above. Her ham license was not to come until 2001, followed almost immediately by a hand built 6M SSB 5 watt transceiver (still in use in her truck today). Allison is a frequent contributor to QRP ARCI QRP Quarterly magazine. Allison's other interests include being an aircraft pilot and owner, woodworking, and gardening.

MJRMichael J. Rainey, AA1TJ
Hot Rodding!
Michael's primary amateur radio interest has always been homebrew QRP. He was first licensed in 1970, though was off-the-air for over a quarter of a century. He returned to the hobby in 2007 with a vow to only operate what he built. He has certainly made up for lost time! For the last 20 years Michael has spent several days each week living atop Mt. Mansfield in northern Vermont as a "transmitter guy" for a CBS television affiliate. (In fact, this is the last remote television transmitter site to be manned "24/7," east of the Mississippi River.) While walking across northern England some years ago, Michael and his wife fell in love with the cottages of Yorkshire. They recently returned to Vermont, and, by their own hands, built a reproduction English cottage complete with one-foot thick masonry walls, granite window sills, and an AGA cooker. Michael's other interests include philosophy, mathematics, and gardening. Michael's home page

SiegristDave Siegrist, NT1U
RF Filters: From Design to Construction and Testing
Dave received his commecial license in 1977 after going through the Navy aviation electronics schools.   After leaving the Navy he completed a BSEE from Virginia Tech, an MS Computer Engineering from NTU, and an MS in Theology from Columbia Seminary.  He has worked for, and driven into oblivion, a number of fine high-tech companies.  He is currently working for Intel doing processor modeling and software tool development. Dave holds an amateur extra license.

n1rx_1Bruce Beford, N1RX
RF Filters: From Design to Construction and Testing
First licensed in 1986, Bruce is an avid homebrewer and QRP operator. His interests include building and modifying amateur radio equipment, as well as operating his creations. His handiwork has been awarded honors for quality and craftmanship whenever he has shown it. Bruce has been employed in the Medical Electronics field for nearly 30 years, working on an array of equipment from particle accelerators to clinical chemistry analyzers. He is currently a Field Service Specialist with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. He is a life member of the American Radio Relay League, and serves as a Volunteer Examiner. An active member of the New England QRP Club, Bruce also enjoys participating in on-air QRP events, and sharing his enthusiasm for homebrewing and QRP.
Heron_6918George Heron, N2APB
The Midnight Loop — Theory and Practice of An Experimental Small Transmitting Loop
George's interests include homebrewing, QRP CW operation on HF, advanced technology prototyping to merge computer and radio technologies (DSP, microcontrollers, software development for ham radio applications), and field/portable operation and its related equipment. He attended the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and has held R&D positions in Kodak, Edsun Labs, Dialogic, and is currently at SafeNet, Inc. developing encryption technology solutions. He has been a longtime member of the NJ QRP club, the editor of the American QRP Club Homebrewer magazine, and has helped organize many successful Atlanticon conferences. George Heron was inducted into the QRP Hall of Fame in 2001.

n2cxJoe Everhart, N2CX
The Midnight Loop — Theory and Practice of An Experimental Small Transmitting Loop
Joe has worked over 30+ years in the aerospace industry on projects ranging from LF antennas through the S-band comm system on the ISS Alpha. Throughout this time he has been an avid homebrewer and always ready to share what he's learned. Joe is an active member of several ham and QRP organizations and is involved the development of kits offered by several clubs including the NJQRP. Joe has written extensively in several QRP publications and was one of the prime movers for the Atlanticon conferences. Joe Everhart was inducted into the QRP Hall of Fame in 2000.

Kitchin-headChuck Kitchin, N1TEV
Updating Classic Regenerative and Super Regenerative Circuits
Chuck Kitchin, N1TEV, holds a General class amateur license. He has been an avid radio builder and electronics experimenter since childhood. He is a recently retired Hardware Applications Engineer from Analog Devices, where he worked for 32 years. He has written over 100 technical articles, three books, and at least a dozen application notes. Chuck served with the USAF doing communications work from 1968 to 1972. After that, he continued his college education towards a BSEE degree at the University of Lowell under the GI bill. As a radio amateur, he has focused his attention on building solid state regenerative and super regenerative receiver circuits with the goal of trying to understand and improve their performance and to popularize their use as effective (and fun) Electronics teaching tools. He has also restored many vintage WW2 and Korean War receivers. Chuck is an enthusiastic volunteer Science teacher. He teaches one to two days per week, covering a dozen Physics courses, to over 1000 kids a year, at three local schools. Chuck also enjoys Astronomy, oil painting, fishing, and wine tasting.

Dave 2Dave Benson, K1SWL
Something Old, Something New — A Medley of Ideas
Dave Benson, K1SWL, is well known in the QRP community. A frequent contributor to QST magazine, he was inducted into the QRP ARCI Hall of Fame in 1999. Dave earned his BS in electrical engineering at the University of Connecticut in 1976. Following graduation, he worked in a variety of aerospace engineering programs. He holds several US Patents in the area of display electronics. Dave has been self-employed since 1996 as the proprietor of Small Wonder Labs, a QRP kit company. He’s been on a 5-year hiatus from the creative side of amateur radio while pursuing a lifelong dream—the design and construction of a new home in New Hampshire. His wife retired in 2009 and has joined Small Wonder Labs as Production Manager. An enthusiastic outdoorsman and naturalist, he enjoys snowshoeing and kayaking in season.

JosephTaylorSquareJoseph H. Taylor, Jr., K1JT
WSPRing Around the World
Joe Taylor [full bio] first obtained his amateur radio license as a teenager, leading him to the field of radio astronomy. He received a B.A. in physics at Haverford College in 1963, and a Ph.D. in astronomy at Harvard University in 1968. In 1992 he won the Wolf Prize in Physics, and in 1993 Taylor, along with Russell Hulse, won the Nobel Prize in Physics for "the discovery of a new type of pulsar, a discovery that has opened up new possibilities for the study of gravitation." Luckily, he never left his amateur radio roots. Joe wrote WSJT ("Weak Signal/Joe Taylor"), software and protocols utilizing computer-generated messages for weak-signal operation. Joseph Taylor is a Professor in the Department of Physics at Princeton University.

WG0AT-headSteve Galchutt, WG0AT
Banquet: QRP trails with Rooster and Peanut
Steve Galchutt wGØAT (ex NØTU) is a long time HF CW operator and avid QRPer during his 51 years of hamming. He grew up in Southern Califorina on surfboard while earning paper route money to buy his first real receiver, a SB40b. Steve recently retired from hi-tech to enjoy the low-tech life of backpacking with his goats Rooster and Peanut while playing QRP radio somewhere in the Rockies near Denver.  He enjoys "mountain-top goat operation" with his 'boys' from Colorado's 14,000 ft. peaks.  His current occupation and passion is 'alpha goat' and videographer-editor. You may have seen some of Rooster and Peanut's Adventures on YouTube under the name "goathiker."