I didn't go but I want to see and hear great stuff!

Here's how to obtain the conference materials provided to attendees:

1. Click on this link to archive.org and locate the area on the page with the Play / Download links. In this case, it isn't really audio. We'll get the audio portion in a moment.
2. Click on the Whole directory link. This will download a large ZIP file (about 200 MB).
3. The ZIP file contains a CD image with an .ISO extension, and two smaller files that are used to document the contents of the ZIP. Unzip the file into a folder.
4. Open the masscon-2010-materials.iso file. Under MacOS X this should produce a mounted disk image with the materials.
5. You can listen to the captured audio from the event by visiting 99 Hobbies and following the links. The 99 Hobbies site also has great podcasts Dave Bushong has produced since 2006. Give them a listen!

NOTE: All materials are published under a Creative Commons license. See the Notes on IP page for more information.